Fiction writing was never my full-time job. When I was working as a freelance writer, I mostly wrote non-fiction and social media content for my clients. But writing all day tapped my creativity completely and there was very little left for fiction. So back in those days, I was technically a full-time writer, but not the kind I wanted.

Now I’m back in the corporate world and my creativity is used on my fiction projects and nothing else (and the stability of that corporate paycheck does add up a level of comfort).

But that doesn’t mean that I’m still not dreaming every so often about making fiction writing my full-time job.

So, hear me out:

I’ve been doing pretty well in April, writing a little bit every day to keep my writing streak going for Camp NaNo. As fate would have it, immediately after Camp, on May 1st, there’s a national holiday in Poland, so I will have a day off from work (and what luck would have it: it’s a Friday).

We’re still in the state of pandemic and it’s unlikely I’ll celebrate by going out. So I got a crazy idea.

I work from 7 am to 3.30 pm. Why not keep that schedule, but instead of my corporate job, spend those hours writing.

As if it was my real job.

I’ve had all-day challenges before (like the #write10kinaday challenge on Instagram last July), but they always happened on the weekend, when I was clearly trading off my day off for writing.

This time, I can pretend to work full time as an author and see what it would feel like and if I like it.

And more importantly: if I can be productive during that time.

I’m hoping I can write for at least 4 hours that day and maybe get some writing-adjacent tasks during the rest of the time. We shall see.

Wanna join me?