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I won #CampNaNo!

(I wanted to post this on 29 July, but I got distracted by Hobbs and Shaw… Don’t judge me)

I decided on a crazy goal for this year’s Camp NaNo. Not only was I writing in a genre I haven’t written in before. But I also wrote with a minimal outline. Just to see where it would take me.

And now, I need you to take a look at the date of this post.

That’s right! I won Cam NaNo!

I met my goal and I finished Draft Zero of a project that’s been in my brain for years.

And I did it all with days to spare!

The best thing about it? I decided to try and see if I could write the initial draft in one month, so I set my goal at 50K. And after 27 days and 51 thousand words later, I am a winner 🙂

look at my professional screencapping skills /o\

On top of it all, I also accepted a challenge from Lyra Parish to write 10K in a day on July 20 and those of you following me on Instagram know that I also met that challenge!

It took me 14 hours with breaks (or 8.5h of non-stop writing, depends on how you want to count it) but I wrote over 10 thousand in a day. One-fifth of my initial draft was written in a single day.

This month showed me what I’m truly capable of. I knew I could write 50k in a month, I’ve won NaNoWriMo in the past. But I’ve been in a writing slump for a long time already and so I wasn’t sure I still had the passion to pull it off.

Turns out: I can totally pull it off and writing novels is still something that brings me joy.

And before you ask: why yes, I am going to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo.

November can’t come too soon!

Change is the enemy – I need stability to write

Apparently the saying “you learn a new thing every day” does hold some truth. Though in my case it’s more of a “you learn something every day, but it takes several months and quite a lot of stumbles before it takes”.

Case in point: BLOGGING.

As much as I love giving progress reports and updates on what it is I’m working on, I’m far more comfortable talking about it on Twitter or face-to-face with a friend. If I have to write up a post, it feels too much like writing about nothing. It’s this overwhelming feeling I get (social anxiety – a gift that keeps on giving) where it feels wrong and pointless to get peoples attention without something significant to present. No book (because, you know, it’s getting written or edited), so what’s the point of a separate post just to tell people where I’m at. Result? A post every couple of months that gets posted, because I feel like I should put something new out there.

Having a full-time job doesn’t help either. Though I enjoy it a lot, it’s a challenging one. And it’s full of changes and all the stress that comes with them. It does pull my focus away sometimes.

And here’s the thing I learned (now that it finally sunk in):

I write the most when my life is stable and I’m not dealing with too much stress. Routine really helps me, especially if it’s a quiet one that doesn’t involve too much external noise. I know, how very introvert of me.

So I spent a lot of time this past year in an effort to eliminate as much stress out of my life as possible because I figured that my mental health is important and I can’t achieve what I want in life if I’m a big ball of anxiety who can’t even enjoy the success.

So maybe I won’t be blogging on a schedule (going against all the advice people have for writers who want to develop a platform), and maybe the posts will not be as SEO friendly as they should be, but they will be more personable and more personal. Because why not?

Take a deep breath, me, there’s a whole world out there, waiting for you. It’s not going anywhere.

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