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I was supposed to be super productive…

I was supposed to be super productive, guys… Yeah… That didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. No surprise there, I guess.

It’s usually the same chain of events: I decide to get my act together and get super productive, life decides I’m not going to get that chance and it takes me a while to recover from the poop life throws at me.

So when I decided that Q1 of 2020 will be productive, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when I got a very heavy flu in January and it took me a while to recover, life followed that up by me getting a new job within my company which meant February was filled with overtime as I worked to handover my old duties. Then March meant first weeks in my new role, which required a lot of learning, and… well, then the pandemic hit.

I’m not going to lie, the universe usually doesn’t throw logs under my feet that are THAT big…

Now, I’m working from home, not wasting time on commuting, so you’d think it would be easier for me to put some work in on my editing projects… But I’m finding it rather difficult to focus on that these days. The general anxiety that’s present every day and in every interaction outside of the safety of my home does influence my mood and motivation. And so out of over 80 days so far in the year, I worked on editing during 9 of those days. That’s how productive I have been.

As the second quarter of 2020 is coming up, I need to start making plans to see what I could accomplish in this new reality we are being faced with. It’s obvious I need to scale back my plans because the focus will be hard to come by. Though, part of me is hoping that the April Camp NaNo will motivate me enough to get some editing in on a regular basis.

Wish me luck, but more importantly, stay safe and if you can help others try to do that as well.

2020 will be the Year of Editing

This is it.

A new year. A new decade. Same old, writing self.

When I was going through all the possible projects for 2020, I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to start anything new. 

I have 7 projects in various draft stages and I have ideas for 5 more books. More will probably come because I know myself.

But I can’t just keep turning in draft 0 after draft 0. I won’t get anywhere that way. So I decided to start the decade by committing myself to editing.

In 2020, I want to focus on editing 3 different projects I have.

I want to finish editing the novel I’ve been working on in Q4 of 2019, to get it to a stage where I can send it off to beta. Though I’m not sure if it’s going to be ready for it by end of Q1 (which is my self-imposed deadline).

I want to substantially edit the Blood Magic project that I queried to agents in 2018 and see if I can improve it and figure out what wasn’t working. Because it’s clear something wasn’t working.

And finally, I want to take a look at a draft on my zombie werewolves novella I did years ago to get it in shape. I’m not sure if I want to split it into short stories or beef it up into a novel. But it’s been gathering digital dust for years and I want to do something with it. If it’s only to share it with my newsletter subscribers, who have been super chill with me and my lack of communication skills.

While I tried to be realistic in what I can accomplish in a year, editing does not come easy to me. It’s a struggle and I know I will have to push myself a lot this year. But I’m motivated and excited to see how much I improved over the years. And I know I have.

Wish me luck! 🙂

And let me know here (or on Twitter) what’s your goal for 2020?

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