While I build up my fiction empire and plan how to survive a zombie apocalypse, I’m also involved in other types of writing. This is the page where you can learn more about this side of my writing career. I will not get into specific details of my freelancing. It pays the bills and allows me to immerse myself in writing. And let’s leave it at that. But it’s not the only thing I do with my time.


I’m a regular contributor to SciFi4Me, where I post a regular news/spoilers column called RUMOR HAS IT. I also record podcasts with them – pay special attention to the SciFi4Chicks ones. Those ladies are really fun and I love chatting with them about all kinds of things. I have a lot of fun recording Orphan Black podcasts with Heather.

I used to write recaps of Almost Human for them as well, but that didn’t last too long. I am, currently, recapping Dominion there.

Alpha and Beta Reading

While I don’t do it for everybody, I edit short and long pieces of fiction for other writers. Getting your manuscript ready for submission is often painful and unpleasant, and it helps to have someone else point out the things that could be improved. For me, knowing I’m helping to improve the quality of books offered, is enough. It certainly makes up for all the lost sleep and hours spent going through Word documents.