It’s not a secret that this site, and by extension my writing career, has not been as active as I would like. But I want to use the New Year, with its resolutions, as motivation to get things going again. But I will need your help!

My life has not been the easiest lately. And by lately, I mean in the past year or two. It also changed a lot, especially when (because of reasons), I started looking for a full-time job and got hired at a corporation. It hurt to give up the majority of my writing time, but the job is amazing and brings me a lot of satisfaction. At the same time, it means that my writing career has to be put aside and my plans will need to be adjusted.

I’m not giving up because I love writing, but to mesh the two careers, I will need some patience and imagination. Here’s what I came up with:


I will not have as much time to write, or to be more accurate, to stare at the screen and switch applications from Scrivener to Twitter. I will need to be more efficient about it, basically. Use what little time I have now, and actually get words down on the page.

STEP 1: Go back to writing every day. Preferably in the morning, but any time will do, really. And preferably in Scrivener, but hey, the notes app on my phone is good enough in a pinch.

STEP 2: Post to the blog on a regular basis. Since I won’t be able to publish anything this year, I’m afraid I will get discouraged. Additionally, I’m hosting this site on Dreamhost, and while absolutely amazing, they are not the cheapest. So I want to feel like I’m doing something with it. So get ready for some blogging activity, as I get going!

STEP 3: I will need to set aside specific time to edit. If I write every day, I will still need to find time to edit what I’ve written. Right now, I’m thinking the weekends will be the best. I tried editing on the train before, while I was commuting to work, but that didn’t really work out. We will see how the weekends work.


So here’s a thing. To self-publish, I need to be self-employed, to comply with the regulations in my country. And being self-employed while working at my particular corporation means I need to fill out some additional forms. A lot of red tape, really, but it would be much easier for me to get traditionally published. Which is why I decided to make 2018 about querying agents and publishers with the drafts I already have, while I save up for the various things self-publishing authors have to pay for (covers! editors! coffee!).

I feel like it will teach me a lot. Still, I am being realistic and anticipate a lot (A LOT) of rejections. Then again, if by the end of it I’m as excited about being a writer as I am right now, it will be a clear sign that being a writer is exactly what I need to be doing.

Wish me luck?