The last post on this website was about me taking some time off to focus on a big non-fiction project that I wanted to get off the ground.

Guess what. The super secret project has launched and has been going strong for the second month, making me feel confident enough to maybe venture back into the world of fiction. Right in time for the Camp NaNo in July, much to the delight of my writing buddy Megal Linden.

But first, I want to present you with the reason I disappeared:


A website about the journey towards lessening my impact on the environment, lessening the focus on material things with the help of minimalism and zero waste movements.

I started to look around my apartment and all the things I own and I realized that I am part of the problem.

And so I made a decision. I am not a  superhero. I cannot single-handedly save the world. But I can become part of the solution.

And in a truly millennial way of doing things, I’ll be using this blog to chronicle my journey as I cut down on what I own, and the impact I have on the environment.

It’s highly likely that I won’t always succeed, but hell, it’s the one battle where the journey is really what matters.

Wish me luck?