Once my super secret project launched (It’s Path To Less, and you should totally check it out), I once again decided to turn my head back towards fiction. It’s a passion that will never leave me, after all, and I will always come back to it.

Just in time for Camp NaNo.

Between that and Megan’s enabling me to write more, I made the decision to go crazy. Not only am I participating in Camp NaNo this year (it’s been years, honestly), but I’ll be trying out a completely new genre for me: I’m writing a crime thriller.

The idea for it has been haunting me for ages. I think the first inkling I had for it was way back in 2014, but I was deep into my werewolf stories and so too busy to notice and nurture it.

But I’ve been suffering from editing fatigue lately and so I want to get my creative juices flowing with something completely new that I’ve never tried before.

Not going to lie, I’m terrified and there is a big chance that this project will crash and burn and will be the death of me.

Still, I’m excited. I’m working on prep a lot right now and I imposed some strict deadlines on myself. Wish me luck!

And if you’re participating in CampNaNo in July let me know! We’ll sprint together, maybe set up a Discord to chat?