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Getting ready for July’s #CampNaNo

Once my super secret project launched (It’s Path To Less, and you should totally check it out), I once again decided to turn my head back towards fiction. It’s a passion that will never leave me, after all, and I will always come back to it.

Just in time for Camp NaNo.

Between that and Megan’s enabling me to write more, I made the decision to go crazy. Not only am I participating in Camp NaNo this year (it’s been years, honestly), but I’ll be trying out a completely new genre for me: I’m writing a crime thriller.

The idea for it has been haunting me for ages. I think the first inkling I had for it was way back in 2014, but I was deep into my werewolf stories and so too busy to notice and nurture it.

But I’ve been suffering from editing fatigue lately and so I want to get my creative juices flowing with something completely new that I’ve never tried before.

Not going to lie, I’m terrified and there is a big chance that this project will crash and burn and will be the death of me.

Still, I’m excited. I’m working on prep a lot right now and I imposed some strict deadlines on myself. Wish me luck!

And if you’re participating in CampNaNo in July let me know! We’ll sprint together, maybe set up a Discord to chat?

BRB, participating in #NaNoWriMo

So, I’m participating in NaNo this year. It’s been a while since I’ve done this because it was difficult to get any words in last year after I started my new, super challenging job. But this year, I took time off for the first couple of weeks of November so I can fully commit to writing the sequel of my last Nano win. I’m not as prepared as I was the last time around, because my outline is not finished, so I’ll have to pants through some of the parts, but with more time especially at the beginning, I’m hoping I’ll get the majority of the book done before I have to go back to work.

While I have a lot of social events planned for my holidays (since part of it is for me to recharge and recover after a hard year at work), I will be doing a lot of writing in between. I’m hoping to dedicate at least one day to completing my Vox Machina Word Crawl to see what the total for a day like that would be (it’ll be insane, I can’t wait) and two other days for completing two different word crawls I got linked to in the Nano forums (there are A LOT of word crawls and I love doing them, so it will be a hard choice to settle on just two).

Wish me luck. And if anyone wants to buddy up, I’m alexcallahan over on the Nano website 🙂

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