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Happy Birthday! To ME! To Alex! To Life!

I’m 33 today.

Sometimes it feels like way more than that. And sometimes it feels like I’m barely out of my teens. turns 5 today.

Sometimes it feels like this website and my writing career has been around for much longer than that. And sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday when I decided I wanted to pursue writing.

5 years ago, I decided I wanted to be a writer and I wanted to publish books and have that as my career. I also started plotting out my first serious original novel. It would take me ages to complete and edit, but it would later become the book I’m agent shopping right now.

Since then I managed to complete 5 novels, all waiting patiently to be edited and let out into the world, I’m working on a 6th one right now.

In that time, I really do feel like I’ve become a better writer, and I’m clarified my goals and how I want to reach them. It’s been a crazy ride and I know that it’s nowhere near the end. In fact, I’m really looking forward to where it might take me in the future 🙂


Writing a Sequel

I’m preparing to write a sequel to my NaNo story. It’s a second sequel I’ve committed myself to and let me tell you, sequels are the worst.

Okay, I’m not being fair, they’re not the worst. But the process of writing a sequel is a little more complicated for me. Every time I’m writing The First Book, all I have to focus on is writing the best book I possibly can. And sure, I need to remember about foreshadowing and drop hints for the greater plot, but that can be fixed in editing. Prep for The First Book is less involved, because yes, you’re building the world and the characters, but it will get polished and truly fleshed out during writing. Sometimes during writing, my concept of something will change completely, and that’s okay. There’s almost no pressure beyond FINISH THE THING…

With writing a sequel, there’s already established characterization, past events that need to be addressed, further character development that needs to be progressed, rules for magic and supernatural, already established, that I need to follow.

In a way, writing a sequel is not unlike writing fanfiction. There’s source material I have to follow. And while at the moment, I can still go back and change things in Book 1, if I really (REALLY) want to, I try not to develop this habit. Because, hopefully, there will be a time when Book 1 will be published and going back will not be an option… And if I’m taking that option away from myself, it means I’m adding even more things I need to keep track of while writing Book 2.

Not to mention the curse of all sequels (in TV known as the sophomore slump), where the follow-up is not as good as the original. But no pressure…

So yeah. Sequels are the worst. And I’m writing this one as a distraction AND my Nano project. ‘Cause who needs sanity, right?

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