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I Miss Old School Organization – Notebooks, Planners, Post-It Notes

Every once in a while I will try something new. A new way to organize my story ideas (currently it’s Trello). A new way to outline (Scrivener all the way). A new system to organize my tasks (I change those so often it’s not even funny). I try to keep it all paperless, because being able to syncronize all the data between all my devices is a huge plus. And, you know, the environment.

But, boy, do I miss the paper. The notebooks, the daily planners, the post-it notes and gel pens in all the colors of the rainbow. The feel of paper under my fingers, the smell of it. And every once in a while I am tempted to go back to the old ways of doing things. The old school methods I employed before the Internet was big (yes I remember those times, shut up) and I had more than one electronic device to use.

I know old school way is not the efficient way. But the temptation is there. Every once in a while I try to come up with some sort of a hybrid solution, the best of both worlds. I am yet to find something that would work for me. I will keep you updated though.

Do YOU have any ideas that could help? What do you use? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Why I Write

The following is a sentimental post. You have been warned.

I’ve been writing for years now. I started to dabble in writing stories back in high school, though at the very beginning, I kept it short or… well… or I never finished. It took me years of writing shorter fanfics before I agreed to take on a challenge and write a story that was 20k. After that, once I knew I was capable of writing complete, long stories, there was nothing that could stop me from writing more long stories.

In the recent years I turned to writing novels with explicit plan of one day publishing my work. Right now I have three finished first drafts, I’m working on the fourth one, and if everything goes according to plan next year I’ll see my first book hit the market.

I’ve been asked why I keep writing despite the fact that I’m not seeing any direct results and the truth is, I write because I love it. I would tell stories even if publishing my stories were not a possibility. I would write tales of werewolves and heroes and mysteries, even if it meant writing longhand in my notebooks, then hiding them away in a locked drawer. In fact I had done it for years when the Internet wasn’t such a big thing and websites were still hosted on angelfire.

I told stories that were fusions of material that I loves, I wrote Mary Sues and fanfics of varied quality. I learned how to weave a narrative and create characters, and I was hungry for more. I’m not going to lie, there are days when writing is hard and I wonder how am I even capable of stringing a sentence. But I keep writing, because I love it.

I always read about writers who put in thousands of words everyday for weeks if not months at a time. A pace like that doesn’t seem like something I’d be capable of, not in the long run. I know, because I have tried. But not being prolific isn’t reason enough for me to stop. Just because I will never experience the breathtaking lightining fast success, doesn’t mean I will give up. I wouldn’t be able, even if I tried. Not for long.

And here I am, writing away and getting things ready for publication. And after the release day comes and goes, I will continue to write.

Because I love it.

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